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We are currently not taking submissions. All submissions dropped off already are at PSA and we will contact you when they are back.

Hand Picked up & Dropped off at PSA

As Part of the #BullpenFamily, we are now a PSA Pickup and Drop off point for the BullpenLA Group Submission.​


  • Walk Through - Estimated 2 Business Days - Card Value up to $9999 - $650/card

  • Super Express - Estimated 4 Business Days - Card Value up to $4999 - $350/card

  • Express - Estimated 20 Business Days - Card Value up to $2499 - $175/card

  • Regular - Estimated 2 Months - Card Value up to $1499 - $95/card 

Fill out the form on the BullpenLA Website and choose Bullpen Burbank as your drop off and pick up location to submit.

When you drop off your cards, please make sure your name and contact info is with your cards. Thank you.

PSA Grading: Services
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